Ewan Tallentire’s father started as an apprentice at Boulton Paul Aircraft in WWII England, and retired from Lockheed Martin after working on the space program. Perhaps his children had little choice but to love airplanes. Ewan is the only family member of his generation not to go into the Air Force, but (as a result?) he had time to make a serious hobby of knowing more historical details about more aircraft than any of his family or friends.

A British citizen who has lived in Colorado most of his life, who prefers to dress in 1860’s style yet works with computers most days, Ewan stands out more than fits in. Currently he lives in walking distance from his work in

 Littleton, Colorado, with his wife and children. In his spare time he tries to educate locals on Guy Fawkes, cheese-rolling, the 95 Theses, and other subjects his neighbors didn’t know they needed to know.

Ewan likes all airplanes just because they are airplanes, as well as rockets, but his favori

Ewan loves to talk about aircraft, and welcomes all aero enthusiasts, whether or not in need of aircraft art, to discuss with him the details and the history of the aircraft he draws. Even better would be to tell him a detail or some history he doesn’t yet know.tes are from the WWI and WWII period. What those aircraft did, without the instruments and systems that are now considered indispensable, gave them a character unmatched by the mere power of modern aircraft.

And no, Ewan didn’t fly for the RAF during WWII, but like all aero enthusiasts, wishes he could have.