Art for aircraft’s sake

Ewan’s art is not about aces.  This blog does talk about aces a lot, because if you are an ace, you have name recognition, and if you have name recognition, people want to hear your stories, so there are a lot more pilot stories out there than mechanic stories.  In print anyway.  If you want to hear maintenance stories, you can always go to a ready room and ask what was the stupidest aircraft write-up they’ve ever seen.

Ewan likes knowing about the men who flew the aircraft he draws, and occasionally he puts the pilot’s face in the cockpit (as with his prints that show Manfred von Richthofen and Jimmy Doolittle).  But it is the character of the airplane itself that he is portraying.  It’s art not only for the pilot but also for the maintenance man, the engineer, and the 10-year-old who just loves airplanes.  Beyond all that, he hopes to have some of the character of the aircraft designer show through.  Maybe I should write about Anthony Fokker, Dick Frost, and Bob Stanley soon.

Speaking of airplanes, we were talking about whether “aircraft” or “airplane” is a better keyword.  It seems to be an insider/outsider thing, though not as pronounced as the Navy reaction to calling it a “boat” instead of a “ship”.  To normal people, they are airplanes.  To those people whom normal people call airplane nuts, they are aircraft.  To someone like me, it depends who I’m talking to (much like when I’m in Colorado I say “llama” as “lama” but if I’m in New Mexico I say it as “yama”.)

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