Update on the new line of aircraft t-shirt designs

We’ve been dealing with flu this week, but when he’s managed to crawl out of bed, Ewan has been talking to a local museum about t-shirts with a B-52 design (details on the t-shirts to come when everyone is well enough to finalize things).  The current design is a line drawing of a B-52 in a banked turn.  As Ewan points out, when you get an aircraft that big and long-armed, anything beyond the shallowest of turns is impressive.  I really like the design (not that I’m biased…) but I think my favorite is what he’s doing with the F-22.  Or maybe the Enola Gay; it’s a very impressive mushroom cloud.  (As the museum shop in Los Alamos put it, when people visit Los Alamos, they just want to buy things with mushroom clouds on them.)

I hope to add a new page to the website within the next couple weeks with some of Ewan’s new line of t-shirt designs.  To begin with, we can probably only offer them in quantity, but if you really like one of the designs and really want a t-shirt but not 36 of them, contact Ewan and he may be able to do something for you.

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