Stratofortress! B-52 t-shirt design for Wings Over the Rockies

Okay, it’s official; Denver’s Wings Over the Rockies museum is ordering t-shirts in Ewan’s B-52 design for their Gateway to Flight Grand Opening.
Here’s the design for the back of the t-shirt.

B-52 in banked turn on t-shirt

A B-52 banks deeply across the back of this t-shirt

If you haven’t seen the museum – recently – its new entrance looks like an observation tower overlooking the B-52 static display that welcomes visitors to the museum.  (“It is flying right over us!” – in the words of a 3-year-old we know.)

The front of the t-shirt has the museum logo with the new observation tower overlooking it.

I’m still planning on getting a new page up on the website to show this and several other similar designs he’s come up with.  I think I will be able to put that page up within the next week.

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