The air museum’s Spad has wings

We stopped by the VAFM on Saturday and saw they have the wings on their Spad now.  It made me think of a violin.  Both violins and vintage aircraft are made with wood carefully carved into a specific shape, and wire that has to be balanced in a certain range of tautness.  Both need to have resonance in certain areas to fulfill their functions.  But most of all, it’s the craftsmanship, and the passion of those craftsmen, that’s striking.  They care about history and they care deeply about flying.  There are violin makers all over the world, but not very many places where you can go to see how aircraft were built a hundred years ago.

There are some good pictures on the VAFM’s Facebook site.

The VAFM is having a fly-in in late May; maybe what they’ve got done on the Spad will be on display then.  I know they’ll have some pilots there who are nationally known for flying vintage aircraft; any one of them would be fascinating to talk to.

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