How to move your trunk: the improved Model T

Model T Depot Hack

Model T Depot Hack

The Model T Depot Hack t-shirt illustrates a Model T that was used by hotels or the like as shuttle service to the train station. If you could travel by train you could take a fair amount of luggage with you, and you might have it in a trunk, which is made for strength and security, not easy carrying. So hotels wanting to please their customers had a reason to provide this high-technology customer service.

The Depot Hack was a modified Model T frame with a box on the back for passenger seating. “Hack” is short for “hackney”, which was what we now call “taxi”, and the Owlshead Transportation Museum in Maine explains the connection between that and the “station wagon”.

This design was done for the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum, where the t-shirts are on sale and the museum sometimes gives Model T driving lessons!

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