History on a shirt, or why this blog is here

Ewan Tallentire, homeschool history teacher and featured artist

Artist Ewan Tallentire is attempting the highly improbable – earning a living doing art. He has found a niche market that uses both his talent for art and his passion for history: creating t-shirt designs for museum gift shops so as to get their museum’s message out there attached to enthusiastic supporters.

Ewan already loved history and knew a lot of it.  But he’s been learning more history in order to do his designs (for instance, mountain men were normally clean-shaven and didn’t wear dead animals on their heads).  These tidbits of history behind each image were clearly an educational resource for homeschoolers (Ewan is a homeschool dad) and others interested in history; the question was how to get it out there.  The answer was this blog.

So though this blog is here partly to promote Ewan’s work at Historyonashirt, its main purpose is to pass on some bits of history that may inspire readers to learn more on their own and visit some of the museums Ewan has enjoyed working with.

For those interested in buying the shirts Ewan designs, the least expensive and most educational way is probably to buy them at the associated museum.  However, those museums could be anywhere from California to New York, so for those who can’t get to a museums some shirts are available at Historyonashirt on Etsy.

Buffalo Soldiers t-shirt image

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  1. Kate Peterson says:

    Ewan is such a talented man!