Aviation Art that Tells Your Story

This is not something to hang on a wall, these are professional art designs that get out there and get your museum, business, or event noticed. 

Everyone has a story, and stories are what get people to remember people, places, and things.  The hard part is attracting attention amid all the competing messages out there. Artist Ewan Tallentire loves to tell stories with images, and specializes in using that talent to market and promote aviation-related businesses. 


Aircraft Illustrations – Plus!

The aviation art starts with an illustration of an aircraft, its dimensions subtly exaggerated to show its character.  The illustration is rendered in a bold contemporary style, developed for low production cost on any item that can be printed, screened, or etched.  Then, the story element is added, a word, a phrase, an image, whatever it takes to attract interest and suggest “there’s a story there”.  

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